Dundalk Fitness Class Trainer Pregnancy Workout

Personal training at Dutchys Dundalk Gym 2

The Countdown is on ??.

Coming into week 24 now ?.

Felt my first proper kicks this morning, what a feeling ?.

Here is a short video of one of my weights sessions during the week.

Aiming for 4 workouts and plenty of walks per week. My sessions are no longer than 45 minutes. As iv said previously my goal is to keep my mobility, some strength and feel good.

My workouts are far from intense. I dont let my heart rate get to high, or barely break a proper sweat.

⚫4 rounds 12 reps on each⚫.

✔High Incline chest pressn

✔High Incline chest fly.

✔Db goblet squat .

✔Barbell reverse lunges.

✔Db shoulder press .

✔Db stiff leg dead

✔Barbell Good morning .

✔Db thruster.

If you are currently pregnant make sure you get cleared by your DOC/OB/MIDWIFE before performing exercise.

Every pregnancy is different, so don’t compare yourself to others.