I’ll Be Back


A book that has been sitting on the Shelf for about 2 years is Arnie’s autobiography called

Total Recall

The main reason for that is the fact it is about 650 pages long 

But I started it about a month ago and have nearly finished it

Autobiographies are tricky cause they only tell one side of the story and naturally enough people only give away what they want to give away

In fairness it is a very good book and it’s an interesting story

He actually had a few of his own businesses in both Construction and Real Estate so when he was building his acting career

He only took roles he wanted and didn’t need the money so could turn down roles he didn’t like

Unlike a lot of other guys who had to pay the bills

and while he is open about a lot of his mistakes such as affairs and being a bold boy

He gives little away on his use of steriods and really downplays it saying that he only tried very small dosages when he was in his teens

But to build a body like that the term “Genetic Freak” would be an understatement 

And I would be more inclined to believe this which I received in an email from a muscle building fitness expert

“The injections started began almost immediately after Arnold started training as a bodybuilder [age 15] and a fellow bodybuilder claimed ‘Arnold took steroids in doses that terrified the other bodybuilders.”

So not only did Arnold start “juicing” at 15… but he was taking massive doses as well.

That’s why most fitness programs simply do NOT work for regular, drug-free trainers!

Because most bodybuilders and other top fitness athletes take massive amounts of steroids – heck, even Arnold himself was juicing at 15.

So… how do you know who’s taking steroids and who is really clean?”

And this image has had serious effects in the fitness industry for both makes and females

Males aspired to something like that and meant unrealistic expectations from their training

which in turn leads to a lot of frustration when not hitting those unrealistic goals

which again in turn tends to lead to one thing

Giving up

^^^^ Unrealistic expectations usually lead to that

While females got frightened and thought a bit of heavy lifting will turn them into The Terminator

And this pushed a lot of ladies AWAY from weight training for that reason

So while Arnold has done a lot of great things for the Fitness industry as a whole and a lot of awesome things in his life

There is always 2 sides to a coin

and that is why it is SUPER IMPORTANT to be open minded when it comes to your training

and don’t be afraid to try things out for a decent block of time

and see for yourself what progress you make or if more importantly

you might actually enjoy it

Before you go,

The Dundalk Xmas night out is TOMORROW night the 30th of November

and Cavan is the following week the 7th of December

Hope to see as many members as possible pop in as we shall just drink water all night

and snack on Celery sticks

Cause that’s what us Fitness people do right?


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