Dundalk Trainer Pregnancy Journey

Pregnancy training at Dutchys Cavan Gym

One-week postpartum update! I shared my pregnancy journey so I plan to share the postpartum journey as well! ⠀

– –

Jamie grew in my body for 39 weeks plus 4days. It still doesn’t quite feel real that this tiny little human was in my belly all that time. I’m more in awe than ever as to what the female body can do!!!⠀ –

I watched my body grow every week, but I don’t think it ever quite sunk in just what my body was doing! Creating a smart little brain, beating little heart, and eyes that would make me melt!. –

I was induced at 39 plus 4 as my consultant felt this was best for Jamie. After a failed induction, we ended going for an C Section. I never set out with a birth plan, I always stayed opened minded, because at the end of the day anything can happen and you just have to go with the flow. The safe arrival of Jamie was far more important than the mode of delivery.

– –

I have been recovering quite well from the c section; I was up walking about just 7 hours afterwards. I am very thankful I stayed active throughout my pregnancy, if I didn’t, I think postpartum would be a lot harder! My stiches are healing well, but still tender and I have to roll onto my side getting out of bed. Every day, I’m feeling stronger and stronger.

This past week has been all about recovery, baby cuddles and finding our way. But each day gets a little bit better and before I know it I’ll be cleared to work out again. I’ll be working on getting some core strength back because now it’s basically non-existent. –

My belly is pretty squishy, I’m far from where I used to be, but I just made a baby so it’s completely normal. I won’t be rushing back to the gym until I have my doctor’s approval. For now, I’m just focusing on a full recovery, looking after Jamie and daily walks.