Dundalk Fitness Class Trainer Protein Pancake Recipe

Pancakes 2

Protein pancakes.??.

25g of protein with 350 calories.

⚫ Ingredients.

✔20g of oats.

✔1/4 of a courgette.

✔2 eggs.

✔dash milk.

✔spoon white hot chocolate powder.

✔80g of protein yogurt.

✔20g of choc shot.

⚫ blend oats, eggs, courgette, milk and white hot chocolate powder, fry on non stick pan. Top with yogurt and choc shot.

If I was making this for Darragh, I would double the ingredients as he needs more protein and more calories than me.

You don’t have to use the courgette, you can’t even taste it to honest. I use it because it bulks up the pancakes and because I like to keep my vegetable intake as high as possible.

This is a great breakfast option, you could also have it for lunch or a snack, add some fruit and extra yogurt to turn it into a bigger meal.