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I once bought a Nutri bullet for a girlfriend for Xmas

when debating to clients during a Nutrition chat that January that it’s handy in an emergency and telling them about my purchase 3 different ladies in 3 different conversations commented back

“I hope you bought her something else”

With that sort of “Are you stupid” look going on

To be honest I got it cause she asked for it and I can’t remember if I did buy something else or not but I don’t remember getting it hopped off my head either so it must have went ok

The point is about little tricks and getting creative with your Diet to get your Protein up and here are a few simple ways

Of course the basics work best and you should always be aiming to nail them first but there’s always those few moments throughout the week that have to be taken of

And here’s 4 very simple little tricks that we use that you do see some debate online

– Smoothies or shakes are handy when in an emergency and can be made before hand of course. We use these extremely rare.

– Bulk up on your Lean Protein sources. Instead of having 1 chicken breast for dinner have 2, instead of 100 grams of beef mince have 200g etc

– Protein Bars – I have maybe 2/3 of these a week for those days when you just need a top up on your protein and those 20g go down well with a cuppa at the end of the day

– Add Scoops of Protein – I have lovely Chocolate Porridge most mornings (Eggs and Salmon the other mornings) which is just oats, small bit of fruit and 2 scoops of Protein to hit 45-50g of Protein to start  the day

All of the above are “Dutchy Proof” as we say in our house, Lorraine shows me a few VERYsimple things that even dopey old me can’t makes a mess of every day and keep my dietary goals on track

Remember the real results will always come from what you do MOST of the time, the 80-90% so having little “Go To” ideas for when you are busy is perfectly ok

And of course be sure to follow us on Instagram to see various ideas and recipes Lorraine puts up

In other news,

I just want to give you a head’s up that Next Monday the 16th of September is D Day regarding all our programs

The 6 Week Transformation Program is launching that day for our group training

Our 12 Week Get Lean Project (Small Group Personal Training) will be starting a new training program that day and with people already in touch about getting their spot back after the summer I’m not sure how many spots will be left in 2 weeks time

and our Fabulous Fit 50’s Program will on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11:30am which is a beginner class

So if there’s any of those programs you are interested in be sure to get in touch ASAP to get yourself booked in…

Always remember to start the Week right

Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you’re ready,

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