Cavan Weight Loss Expert on Eating Healthy

Meal 3

A massive problem for people achieving their goals is actually eating “Healthy”

When we look through food diaries and chat to clients we see it all the time

Of course there may be some porky pies told in these diaries and in our chats but you genuinely do see people fall for this

Eating Nut butters and Avocados cause there “Healthy” yet they are LOADED with calories 

Eating Low Fat this and No Sugar that even though they still have enough crap in them to put the calories up that they would be better off eating something FULL FAT and actually enjoy it

afraid to eat a Protein bar cause some expert said their no better than a Mars bar even though those 20g of Protein could be the only Protein they get all day

This is where we are in the information age yet drowning in confusion

I often get accused of being a little “blunt”

maybe it’s rhyming slang for my Ma’s LEAST favorite word, who knows?

But I get it…

I can be a little harsh, rough, straight to the point

some like it, some don’t….

some just think I’m an A – hole with a huge mouth (those guys are usually the first to let me know too)

I’m fine with any of those assessments, no problem

people can think what they like

It’s REALLY none of my business what anyone else thinks of me

what IS my business though…

getting people like YOU to MOVE and to take action

To MOVE forward

To MOVE AWAY from what you don’t want

To MOVE TOWARDS a body that you don want

To MOVE out of your current situation

To MOVE ahead of where you’re at now

and thing is…


in order to make you move I HAVE TO MAKE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE

Read that bit again ^^^

you see

If I DON’T make you uncomfortable, you’re way less likely to move

so if I have to become a pain in your butt and call you out every now and again?

I’ll do just that (sorry not sorry)

if you don’t like it and it stings a little

you have 2 options

1 – Take “offence” to it….blame it on me and unsubscribe and stay in the EXACT same place you are now

2 – Take it as an ALARM CLOCK that its time for you to MOVE and DO SOMETHING different

Because if you DON’T do anything different?

Then NOTHING changes

But if you ARE ready to make some changes…and you ARE ready to move and do something different?

NOW is the perfect time

We are currently accepting clients for our Brand New Online Nutrition Coaching Program

reply with “Online Coaching” as the subject line and I’ll get you all the details

Think Big And Kick Ass



This Online Coaching Program is for NON MEMBERS only as Full Up members can already avail of this service if they want it.

This is for people who can’t make our facility for whatever reason and need to get their Diet in order.

So if that’s you just message back with “Online Coaching” and I will get you all the details