Dundalk Fitness Class Trainer asks #1 tough question

Cavan gym in action

One Diet principle I have learnt over the years (Mainly from living with Lorraine) is that you have to ask yourself

Is this worth it?

Is this slice of cake worth the 300 odd calories (obviously depends on the cake but some could even be up to 500 calories)

When you have a set number of calories to stick to every day such as say 1500 then you have just used up a chunk of your calories there and then

Of course sometimes it is worth it

For me a nice little stack of Oreo or Bourbon biscuits are worth the 300-500 calories so I save those cals for the evening but a slice of cake in the middle of the day better have some chocolate fudge in the middle to even tempt me


You now have 2 options the rest of the day

Work with your remaining 1000-1200 calories which makes life tricky and pretty irritating

or do what most people do and just say to yourself

“Ah fudge it, it will be alright. I’ll start again tomorrow, lifes too short”

And of course tomorrow never comes

as the great Garth Brooks once sang

And that is why people go round and round in circles never making the significant progress they want to make

And even though “life’s too short” I would rather be happy and content with myself in this short life than feeling like a sack of shit and always being conscious of my body image

So in order to make some serious progress it’s always worth asking the question

Is this worth it?

^^^^^^ Those same words could be used in a lot of walks of life

Which take me to Chris’s story who asked himself the exact same thing about plucking up the courage 

and getting started with our workouts

and 12 months later it was absolutely worth it for him:

Good morning Darragh,

A quick email to you for briefly express my gratitude to the full team at Dutchy’s Gym.

I have been attending for a full year and when I think back to our chat after I clicked the “Book a Call” button on the website, I don’t recognise myself.

I spoke to you about how nervous I was going into a group of strangers when I was hugely unfit, overweight and feeling fat.

I said that I had been very fit but was worried that I would injure myself just walking up the stairs to the studio.

What our chat did was give me the confidence to try out the 6 week programme.

After the first couple of sessions, the nerves disappeared and I realised that I was just like everyone and everyone was just like me, trying to become more active, lose a little weight, tone up their body and essentially become healthier.

Then your team came into their element, with the right mix of encouragement, banter, advice and support.

So a year later, I am, feel and look healthier, I have lost a little bit of weight (although I don’t ever use the scales – ever!!) and I have gained back some of my self -confidence (even if many would say this isn’t something I’m short of!! ).

So, to Alan, Darren, Stephen, Lorraine and yourself, thank you guys! I can recommend Dutchy’s Gym to anyone and everyone without equivocation.

Best Wishes

All we done there was get Chris on the phone and explain some basics to him to just give him the confidence to get in the door

and he was off to the races.

Unfortunately not everyone can attend our facilities for various reasons

And we now have a 1-2-1 Diet program, we will also advise and guide you the training side of things as well of course, and this can give you the chance to make similar changes to your Confidence and Happiness as Chris has here

If that’s something you are interested in then just reply to this email with “Online Coaching” and I’ll get you all the details

As always make sure to get the week off to the right start

Think Big And Kick Ass



This Online Coaching Program is for NON MEMBERS only as members can already avail of a similar service (depending on membership option & goals) if they want it.

This is for people who can’t make our facility for whatever reason and need to get their Diet in order.

So if that’s you just message back with “Online Coaching” and I will get you all the details.