No More Eating, That Will Solve It


There does be a lot of ideas on how to tackle the Obesity problem in countries such as Ireland, the UK and the US

Obviously it is a huge problem (no pun intended) but it is hard to know where to start

In the UK recently the outgoing Chief Medical Officer suggested banning eating on public transport

Being a country bumpkin who doesn’t do much public transport I wouldn’t know much about that 

Other than

It sounds like a very bad idea <<<<<<

As would be hard to police and a huge pain in the ass to everyone else (who take of their health) and just need a quick bite to eat while getting about

Plus it will take bigger efforts than that because as long as people have so much easy access to Food and don’t have to move

Then things will continue to get out of control


You can bring a horse to the well and all that

^^^^^^ What a great saying 🙂 

if people really want to eat rubbish food and refuse to exercise then it’s gonna be a hell of a job to get them going the other way

With so many companies doing meals to your door with exact macros and details on it 

and so many choices of proper high Nutritious food at affordable prices

there really is no excuse nowadays

Other than the emotional, psychological and downright lazyness issues 

As usual it’s easy to blame the government for our problems when all we can do is our best for ourselves, our families and the people around us that actually want to better themselves

I’m sure someone will come up with some better ideas in the future but it’s very hard to see how we can steam the tide

Until then

We can just get our own house in order

and with that in mind

We are putting out a little feeler to help educate people on how to shop PROPERLY and get the RIGHT food into the house for the week

By having Lorraine go shopping with you

For more info check the post on FB that we just fired up yesterday afternoon


Enjoy the weekend

But make sure not to undo all your great work you have done this week

Think Big And Kick Ass



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