Dundalk gym owner talks shit

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In my experiences from both my personal life and chatting to clients it seems that men go for number 2’s much more so than ladies 

and that is most definitely is the case in our house

Men also take a lot longer than females to the point Lorraine has learnt to call me for dinner an extra 10/15 minutes early to allow for any emergencies

and she does be that quick I do question if she even “Cleans up” after herself

But all joking aside it is a very real problem for a lot of people

and can lead you getting very clogged up

I remember being at a Nutrition course many moons ago and they talked about how it should be 

One in, One out

So for every meal you should have a number 2 but from what I have seen that’s rarely the case with people

Other experts say once a day and others say it varies

So again, there is no one answer for everyone and you just need to find some sort of balance for yourself but if you are going days and especially weeks without one then you should probably look into it a little more

A good supplement we have got some PT clients on as they just happened to ask about it is

Psyllium Husk  <<<< (which is basically just a pure fibre)

You can get it in any health food shop, mix it with water and down the hatch

Or can mix with porridge or smoothies if you prefer

It’s not nice or pretty but as with all these things you just have to get it into you and while it’s no magic cure it does seem to help people more often than not

And of course you only go with supplements after you have tried everything else such as getting more fibre in your diet, drinking enough water, eating lots of veg etc

If you have any more questions on that don’t be afraid to give me a shout, it will stay between ourselves.

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