I Still Love You Tom

Gym Dundalk

Some people may have noticed that in early February I didn’t do my yearly email about my man crush 

Tom Brady

For those of you not in the know he is an American football player that is now regarded as the GOAT





reason why I haven’t mentioned him is that the season ended pretty poorly and all the indications we’re that he was leaving the team

which he did do

But despite all the hype and BS that comes with sports the one thing that I always admired about Brady was his attitude  

He simply loves the challenge of competing and getting to work

^^^^ So important, we forget that everyone has challenges and it’s about how we handle them

Granted, this is always easier when you are winning but he has lost plenty throughout his career aswell and at one stage

went 10 year’s between winning Superbowls 3 & 4 and took plenty of criticism along the way

I think Social Media and society in general makes us judge success and happiness by the big material stuff

The house

The car

Big job etc

and if we can’t yap on about something on Social Media then is it even worth doing?

Hell yeah it is if you simply enjoy doing it <<<<<

Our business has been as badly hit as most out there

We have no idea what we will be going back into (whenever that might be) 

And everyone is going to go into something of a new world and new economy

But shifting our thinking to enjoying the challenge and embracing it makes it puts some fire in the belly

and the same for our workouts and getting our asses in shape

At 42 Brady has been answering questions about why won’t he retire seeing as he’s won so much and made so much money 

But if he loves what he does and still does it well then why the hell would he?

So now he’s moved on and it’s the end of an era

and personally I don’t think him with his new team (Tampa Bay) or his old team (New England) will achieve much next year 

But I will be rooting for them both

If you liked my point here be sure to set 10 minutes aside and have a good read through his article here, I really enjoyed it anyways

Think Big And Kick Ass


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