Lose 13 Lbs. in 8 Weeks? (Members 8 Weeks Offer)

8 Weeks ago we put out a little offer to our Cavan members only to join the Get Lean Project for 8 Weeks over the summer

and last week I received this email from 1 member who took advantage of the offer:

Thanks for all your help and i know if i ever need to get back on track that the lean training is there and it works, I went from 11st 1lb  to 10st 2 lb in 8 weeks and got down to size 10 in clothes which I am delighted with. And the knowledge about the food end if things is great which I will always use. 

So that’s a 13lbs drop in 8 weeks and MUCH better than that?

She now understands Nutrition so much better from what she learnt

^^^^^^^ That’s worth more than any result as now she can work away herself without any hand holding 

With us being right bang in the middle of summer time some of our GLP sessions our a bit quieter than normal which is usual for this time of year

Which is a great chance for you to check it out


What is this new fangled diet I speak of?

To broaden her horizons Lorraine is studying for the Precision Nutrition Level 1 cert <<< Google it there, it’s highly rated

While she has a Degree in Food Science, a Masters in Food Microbiology and a passion for all things food that borders on obsessive

She wants to have a fancy cert for herself

And this is where you can come in

She wants some Guinea Pigs

She’s looking for just 3 new people to start next week 

As we have always said, 

Training is vitally important

Diet is vitally important

But combine the 2 together

That’s when the magic happens <<< Lean & Toned looking like a bad ass

Due to this taking up so much of Lorraine’s time she can only take on 3 people (she is pregnant after all)

and we want to give members first dibs

She wants to help these 3 people UNDERSTAND calorie tracking and the My Fitness Pal app

and combine this with 8 Weeks of our Small group training

Basically get the results of our 12 Week Get Lean Project

in 8 weeks

so it will bring you right through the summer and into September

and once you understand the calories content of food and how all this works you won’t need to pay anyone ever again to tell you what you can or cannot eat

^^^^^^ Like said member above 

There will be no magic shakes, pills or gimmicks in this

So if you are a member paying say €75 a month that would equal €150 for 2 months (8 Weeks) so you can just make up the difference of €170 and for that you will get

– Lorraine helping you step by step with your Macro tracking and getting your diet NAILED down

– 3 of our small group training sessions a week (These are on Mondays to Fridays at 6AM,7AM, 10AM, 5:30PM, 6:45PM and 8PM)

– Unlimited sessions to the large group training

Obviously this works for the other membership options as well so we can sort that out depending on what membership you are on.

Just reply to this email ASAP with any questions and I will get back to you

Think Big And Kick Ass