Cavan Gym

Yesterday Lorraine called me over to watch a video on Instagram

James Smith had up on his story about Victoria Beckham promoting this doll called Tracy Anderson

It’s funny cause I remember writing an email about her many many moons ago

She use to be Madonna’s trainer and I remember ones giving out about her before so I looked it up

The Tracy Anderson Method

and back then I couldn’t believe my eyes to what I was looking at

Well the video we watched yesterday was HORRIFIC

It wasn’t even exercises she was doing at all

It was some half dance, half workout Bomb scare

And the heaviest weight you need is a 3lb dumbell

Good grief

If there was ever anything to make you think

That’s it


^^^^^ Then it’s nonsense like this


You could say anything is better than nothing (sometimes just about) and fair play to her for building her brand as I assume she has a big following and a good income

Which goes to show you don’t always have to be good to be successful

mainly though,

It’s just a kindly reminder of how not to get caught in the rat race of celebrities and what’s the latest cool gadget

and in the rush for doing SOMETHING DIFFERENT in their home workouts these days people will do some awfully stupid stuff

It’s great to add variety and mix things up

But not change for changes sake doing bloody nonsense  <<<< IMPORTANT NOTE

One little thing I am doing on the lock down is finishing some weights sessions with 10 minutes skipping

seeing how many skips I can do in the 10 minutes

I was hanging around the mid 800’s last week, hit 960 yesterday which was very tough but the goal has to be 1000 skips in 10 minutes by this time next week

it’s such a great overall body exercise and don’t be giving me the “but I can’t skip nonsense

Set the clock for 10 minutes and do 10 this week if that’s what it is

and up it each session as you go and you will be amazed at where you will be in 3-4 weeks

It’s a hell of a lot better than waving 3lb weights about and doing a half workout half dance fecking thing


If you need any help with anything at all be sure to give us a shout on any platform

Think Big And Kick Ass



We had a GREAT stretch session with our online guys last night at 6:00 as a little Brucey Bonus

Me and Lorraine need it ourselves with all this sitting about

No matter how many steps you try to hit it’s just much harder than when you have football and classes to take


it’s not to late to get started and all the videos from the past 2 weeks are up on the group for you to check out

Just reply to me with “I’m In” and we will get you set up