The Comeback Kid


The latest book I just finished was

The First Billion Is The Hardest by T Boone Pickens

I heard lads talking about it on a podcast so thought I would check it out

That’s how I like to roll with my book list as it makes me read random books of people I’ve never heard about so opens the mind a bit

Turns out Pickens was an Oil Tycoon in America who made it big

and lost it all

or most of it

and seemed to go over and back on this a few times

as he always had new ideas and wanted to take on new challenges

And of course when you do that

Sometimes you win

and sometimes you lose

^^^^^ No risk, no reward

So it’s a really interesting and easily read book in that sense and has lots of interesting stories along the way

But the 2 things I liked we’re

He put a big emphasis on working out throughout his life


as he got older as he knew he had to get the most out of his body in order to stay sharp in business and in life

Second was that he was always looking to the next challenge and never stopped

He was still chasing down deals in his 80’s

He kept on dancing for as long as he could

Now most of us may not be bothered for that long but between the deals and the exercise

It’s a nice change to the usual whinging that

I’m old and done enough

I’m just gonna arse about from now on

From people even in their bloody 40’s

and with all going on at the minute and a new economy and new world coming soon

There will always be a chance for another comeback and another chance at it

So it will be a great chance for the people that want to roll the sleeves up and see where the opportunities lie 

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