Is Your Diet Ruining Your Marriage?

Darragh Wedding

Having worked in the Fitness Industry and studied it for well over a decade now

I have seen some wacky opinions and ideas around diet

I was about to say “I’ve seen it all” but just when you start to think that

You come across something even more stupid than ever which makes you wonder

How much progress are we actually making? <<<<—-

No matter what goals we set in life regarding anything from Fitness & Health to making money and building our careers etc

It’s all for nothing if we can’t chill with our families and have a good time 

What constitutes a good time will vary for everyone and unfortunately some people think it MUST involve stuffing your face with food and drinking the head of yourself

On an almost weekly basis

If that’s what you’re into then fair enough

Just don’t be shocked and appalled when you get ZERO return from your training efforts


It can be done now and again

and of course will be done more so around the Xmas period and we do it more when on holidays etc

It’s more about the work and efforts that go on around it

Myself and Lorraine do joke about how no one else could listen to us if we we’re with different partners

The getting the workout done every day and keeping the diet right would be VERY hard work in a lot of environments

Luckily enough we make it work as there’s 2 of us in it

But even if we we’re doing on our own with a spouse who wasn’t just as keen

It can still be done

Yep ^^^^

And you can still go out and enjoy yourself and eat random foods at parties etc

Of course it depends on your goals and just how far you want to go with it

You probably could care less about a ripped 6 pack and the like

So then we can easily move our calories about to hit our Protein earlier in the day

To give us plenty of room for our carbs at the party

The key then is UNDERSTANDING calories and knowing what you can and can’t have

Combine that with getting your activites levels up and doing some resistance training to build them muscles up

are what combine to give the bad ass Lean & Toned look most people want

And just note,

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Think Big And Kick Ass



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