But I Teach The Opposite Kevin

Comedy at Dutchys Cavan gym

Flicking through the channels the other day I came across good ole Kevin Bridges

The Scottish comedian dude

He has a good bit about him losing weight and joining the gym that is pretty funny

The interesting part is where his trainer asks him what he had for breakfast

and like most people he came up with a lie

^^^^ Yep, we ain’t that stoopid

When someone is training for a period of time and putting in good work

but still has a good chunk of weight to lose

We know it’s your diet even if you want to tell us otherwise


He told his trainer he had Fruit for his breakfast

Which his trainer is not too impressed about and give’s him a bit of a chewing about it and so Bridges is thinking if Fruit is bad for me

then fudge this craic Unfortunately these Bell Ends give us fitness guys a bad name

While he may have a point in what he is saying

Eating a lot of Fruit could be giving you a lot of sugar and calories

and very little Protein

They ain’t no one walking about overweight and feeling like shizzle

from eating too much fruit

And most importantly for someone starting off it’s a step in the right direction and they are making the effort to be healthy

Once they stick at it for awhile they will learn the ropes better

I’ve heard a few stories of this from chatting to people over the years where their trainer goes off on one cause they are eating some fruit

What a load of BS

Always remember that over the course of the day it will always come down to a few simple factors

Getting your Protein in

Hit your calories

Burning more energy than you consume

Drink enough water

If you cover these points EVERY DAY then you will get there

And especially if you are starting out and have 2 stone or more to lose

Replacing all those fizzy drink’s, Cereals and fast food that makes people pack on the weight with some fruit

would actually not be the worse possible start and as you progress you can keep making more little changes

Have a great wkend and let’s make sure not to undo all the great work we have done this week

Think Big And Kick Ass



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