What to do when you’ve tried everything

Testimonial 3

So I have talked before here about how we don’t just work with ANYONE

and in both our 6 Week Transformation program and our 12 Week Get Lean Project we specialise in working with people who want to get lean and have tried everything

like they say (not sure who “they” are but anyway)


Meaning that Bodybuilders require a very different program to people looking to tone up and improve fitness levels

a different diet

a different approach to training

different exercises

 different coaching styles

different motivation and will power training

see,that’s why MOST people fail at getting in shape

 because they are taking too much advice from loads of different directions

Reading articles online having no idea of the full background story

Going to the gym and bouncing about from machine to machine having no idea what to do

and getting advice from friends and family members that don’t have the first baldy clue

and just doing generic, vanilla and boring programs

and then it doesn’t work for them

and they become even more pissed off and disheartened about getting in shape

Sound familiar?? ^^^^^^^

That’s EXACTLY why we created the 12 Week Get Lean Project

 For people that want to get Lean, toned and make the most of their training time

and need a more specific plan when it comes to training and diet

thats built around THEIR body type, their calorie needs, their metabolism, their preferences, their schedule and sleep pattern

and to be honest>>>>

if there was one “secret” to our success

it’s that we DON’T treat everyone the same

 ready to get the STAR treatment?

reply to this email with “Get Lean” as the subject line and I’ll get you all the details.

Either way be sure to get the week started right

Think Big And Kick Ass



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