The No. 1 sign you are Overtraining

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So we do get asked a lot about how many times to train in a week and how hard etc

And like pretty much every question anyone gets asked in the Fitness industry the answer is

It Depends

It depends on how much training you have done 

It depends on what your goals are 

It depends on how much time you want to give

It depends on your budget and what are you going to put into it

And probably some other factors that I can’t think of off the top of my head.

 Personally I train 6 days a week and try to get some light activity in the other day and Lorraine would be 4/5 days, up until pregnancy of course.

 For me though at the minute it’s 3 days football, 2 weights session and a 30 minute pool session. Most of the year it would be 3/4 weight sessions, 2 Footie sessions and 1/2 light pool sessions

whereas Lorraine in the build up to the wedding was 4 weight’s sessions and just hitting her activity levels the other 3 days.

But we have built ourselves up to that over the years, know to hold back a little if not feeling it and of course have time to do it

which is all going to change come January we have been told!

​We have no problem with a lot of training if it’s done for the right reasons

 Unfortunately, something I have noticed over the years is that a lot of the time it can be done as people push for this body image that is probably unrealistic and sometimes just not needed


Not needed in the sense of beating yourself up because your tummy isn’t the way you want it or your legs are too thick/ skinny

While it’s great to have goals and want to push yourself it can also be a pity if people are doing this volume of training out of sheer body issues

and even more so if their diet is wrong or they are doing the wrong type of training which means they are surely wasting their time.

The most obvious sign you are Overtraining is

a lack of energy. Finding it hard to push through workouts and especially if you play sport you will wonder why others have so much more energy than you do even though you KNOW you are fitter

and you are <<<<<

but because you are training yourself into the ground you don’t have the energy to make that burst.

Other signs can be struggling to get decent sleep and a constant soreness/ weakness type feel in the muscles

If you are doing a lot of training your sleep and Diet are massively important in between sessions but that’s another email for another day

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Think Big And Kick Ass


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