Mary’s Story

Group training at Dutchys Cavan Gym 6

I received this email the other day from a member and it blew me away

Her name’s not Mary by the way but we will call her that here

Another member jokingly said to me the other day that we should get government funding for Mental Health

I really do think exercise is MASSIVE to mental health and so many people need to take it more serious

But this email goes way beyond that

I’ll let you read it yourself:

Hi Daragh/Lorraine

Hope you’s and little Jamie keeping well.

Just said wuld drop an email to say how its nearly a yr since rejoined and commited to classes and rechangin diet. I never thought wuld see such grt results. down 4 and half stone and over 30 inches since last feb. It true what dey say ya  get out what ya put in.

The change over the months has been amazin and look forward to the classes.

Its not only weight wise also mentally has been major change.

I went through losing my mam to cancer we found out in March and by  July mam passed away. I never knew how hard losing sum1 culd hit you. i started drinking to partly block out the pain and loss. The next year we were adjusting to life without mam then in I got a call that my boyfriend was involved in car accident just got to the hospital before he passed away.

Culdnt believe it was happening all over again. It was him that had helped me through losin mam and now he was gone aswell. I guess  could say i went into free fall, wasn’t sleepin and just getting through days in a blurr.

Over d xmas it was pointed out by friends and family that i was lookin dreadful and harming myself by drinking so much. In Jan i stepped on the scales and was at my heaviest ever been over 18st. It kinda was the wake up call i needed, by feb i rejoined d classes slowing changin food and drinkin habits.

Within few months my mood changed I felt stronger physically and mentally. I found strength and began to realize i needed to  change  instead of wasting Life esp when it can be so short.

So just to say thanks to you’s and all the trainers its amazing work and effort put in2 the classes and the advice and tips on nutrition(Alan and Lorraine were spot on with tips). I’m eating way more food than before and losin weight. I plan on keeping up the classes and hoepfully loose and tone up a little more by the summer for holidays

So thanks again its an amazing facility to have

Having chatted with Mary over and back via email of course she still has bad days and all that

But at least she has got herself together and going well

I’ll let you make of that story what you will

Have a great wkend and make the right choices

That will keep your goals on track

Think Big And Kick AssDarragh


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