Dundalk Fitness Trainer Explains Push Ups

Personal training at Dutchys Cavan Gym 6

Like most women, push ups are an exercise Iv always found really hard.

They dont come naturally to me, 5 years ago I couldn’t do 1 decent rep.

Pre pregnancy, I could probably do 10 decent reps before taking a break. I got good at them by getting stronger and simply practicing them.

Post pregnancy, I cant do 1 full rep.

It will probably take at least 3 to 4 months before I can comfortably do 1 push up with good technique.

How will I do it?


And getting stronger in upper body exercises.

I will be focusing on 3 push up progressions.

✔Negative push up: start in a high plank position and lower yourself as slow as you can to the floor. Reset and repeat.

✔Incine push up: full push up on an incline. The higher the incline, the easier the rep.

✔Knee push up: normal push up off knee position.

I will be focusing on keeping all reps slow and controlled with good technique.

Half reps with poor technique at a fast pace won’t get me stronger or better at push ups.