Oh My! It’s Time to Step Up My Game

Handsome Young Man Doing Pushups With Medicine Ball As Part Of Bodybuilding Training

At the moment, I’m engrossed in the audiobook “Stillness Is the Key” by Ryan Holiday. Audiobooks are great, but it’s easy to get distracted while driving and miss out on 10-15 minutes of the book. Still, I suppose it’s better than nothing. Recently, I stumbled upon a discussion on RTÉ about mindfulness and meditation, suggesting that since we’ve all become heathens who no longer attend Mass, we lack a focus for gratitude.

In other words, we don’t say our prayers and thank the Lord, so we should keep a journal to express our gratitude instead. Whether you agree or not, it’s just as challenging to work on your mindset as it is to work on your body.

I’m still searching for my “happy place” somewhere between being an arse-kicking entrepreneur (at least in my head) and a laid-back, do-what’s-necessary person who enjoys life. We’re wired to think negatively, put ourselves down, and worry about failures. Listening to various books and podcasts has made me realize that I need to raise my game.

What you focus on expands, and if you let negative thoughts consume you, they’ll hold you back from reaching your goals. If negative thoughts start to consume you, it’s worth looking into further. That’s why it’s essential to have someone pushing you towards your goals, someone who nudges you forward when you start to settle and get too comfortable. This is why people who try to get fit on their own rarely make significant progress, and when they do, they’ve made it much harder than necessary – and life’s already tough enough as it is.

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