Sheesh. Clearly I need to step up my game

Training at Dutchys Cavan Gym

Current audio book of the moment is 

Stillness is The Key by Ryan Holliday

Audio books can be great but while your driving you can zone out for 10-15 minutes and miss a lot then 

But it’s still better than nothing I suppose

And while flicking through the channels one day they we’re talking on RTE about Mindfulness & Meditating 

The thinking was that

Due to the fact we are all now a bunch of heathens and never to go Mass we have no one to be grateful towards or such like

As in,

We don’t say our prayers and thank thy lord

So we need to get a journal and write some gratitude etc

If you agree with that or not

Working on your thinking is every bit as difficult as working on your body

^^^^ Yep

I’m still trying to find my “Happy place” somewhere between 

Ass kicking Entrepreneur (In my head anyway)

to chilled out,only do what’s necessary and enjoy the ride

We are hard wired to think negatively, put ourselves down and worry about failures etc

And from reading/ listening to various books/ podcasts I thought to myself

Sheesh. Clearly I need to step up my game

Because what you focus on grows and if you keep letting them negative comments chip away at you

They will hold you back in all your goals

If you let your negative thoughts consume you then it’s definitely something you should look into more

And that’s why it is always great to have someone push you on in any goal 

Someone that as soon as you start to “Settle” and get “comfortable” will push you on another bit

Which explains why people trying to get fit on their own very rarely achieve significant progress and even if they do

They made much harder work of it than they needed to and life’s hard enough the best of times

Don’t forget,

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Think Big And Kick Ass



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