The Difference Between Men & Women

Group training at Dutchys Dundalk gym

Of course there are a lot of differences between men & women 

Us men seem to have an ability to irritate women

Simply by our mere presence 

But that’s not what I’m talking about

I’m talking about the difference we see when people are training

Men have a tendency to go for the heavier weight’s

Especially when just starting off

With a mindset of wanting to be Arnie and show off how strong and masculine we are

Whereas women tend to always go far too light

With a mindset of NOT wanting be like Arnie and getting too strong

Because yes of course,

Arnie built that body by doing 3/4 45 minute exercise classes a week starting in his mid 30’s or later

And yes that was sarcasm

cause ain’t no body packing on slabs of muscle without making some serious changes and dedicating themselves over a long period of time

and jacking up on some juice along the way as well of course so stay away from the needles and you should be fine

Both can be irritating to look at cause when people try to lift too heavy consistently then their technique goes all over the shop and they tend to make a mess of the exercise

as well as increasing their chances of injury

while lifting too light is just not getting the most of your time in the gym

The key is to try and listen to your trainer and take some advice onboard of when to go heavier and when to go lighter

^^^^^^ Yes, LISTEN

As with everything it’s not just as Black and White as always go heavy or always go light

Different exercises have different demands

And you want the exercises to be challenging but not absolute bursters all the time

So for all the many differences between men and women

I bet you never thought of that one….

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Think Big And Kick Ass



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