The #1 unknown secret to fat loss

Of course there are a lot of “tricks” and “secrets” to weight loss and getting the body you want. 

But one thing that should be talked about a lot more is the idea of eating more food volume for less calories.

and this is something Lorraine has been pushing last week and it has been getting great feedback.

We all have little things that can set us off.

Such as needing something with your cuppa in the evenings…


And/ or needing random snacks here or there throughout the day.

Can be guilty of this the odd time but usually not too bad myself.

But either way you still need something to fill the gap.

And let’s face it.

It’s really just a habit that we have got use to.

If someone held a gun to our head about it I’m sure we could be persuaded to go without it.

But such is the way we’re wired.

This is very important to understand if you have struggled with weight all your life. It’s really about calorie DENSITY and trying to find ways to eat lots of food and feel full…

without sky rocketing your calories and gaining weight.

Once you get a grasp of this it’s another box ticked in your weight loss journey and being able to make decisions for yourself…

rather than bouncing about from diet to diet having people hold your hand everyday.

To get more info on this be sure to watch Lorraine’s snack idea videos from last week:.

and if you arn’t following us on Instagram yet then be sure to, the video is also here

Either way,

Be sure to get the week started right

Be sure to get the week started right

Think Big And Kick Ass



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