We all love the champagne part

I don’t watch much basketball, just keep a little interest from afar.

But the latest Netflix documentary about Micheal Jordan the 1990’s Chicago Bulls team is top notch viewing for any sports fan.

Highly recommend it.

And as with all these things the info can cross over to any area of life.

A common trait with people like this is how everyone loves them to begin with…

And then when they’re super successful for a period of time people start pounding on every fault they have…

as if we expected these people to be flawless in every area of their life.

as if we expected these people to be flawless in every area of their life.

Even though there’s not a thing about it.

More importantly…

His work ethic, as with all these super successful people, is ridiculous.

The hours he put in and the drive Jordan he had was something else. Though it also meant sacrifices in other areas of his life.

One of them was his relationship with his teammates…

They didn’t always like the pressure he’d put on them, or how he’d talk up himself and his game.

I think anyone who has played sport can relate to this to some degree.

I’ve played with guys in sport who talked the talk, but didn’t have the goods to back it up.

Jordan did. So if I played with someone who could carry my team to that many championships…

I’d let him roar and shout all he wants.

One of his best quotes that I really loved came right at the start of one the seasons:

“Starts off with hard work,

Ends up with champagne!”

and that made me laugh.

As everyone loves the champagne part.

we all want a bit of that champagne part,

and when certain people look at other successful people (whatever success is for us) they love to look at the champagne part or the “Highlight reel” on social media and think:

“That so and so has it made, he/ she’s so lucky. Why can’t I get that lucky”

But they always forget, or should I say, choose to ignore, the “Starts off with hard work” part.

And this leads to a whole lot of trouble for people.

Like when we start training programs without really thinking through the work that’s involved.

The dedication that comes with committing to those workouts day in and day out.

Sticking to whatever guidelines your diet has!

Or when people start businesses thinking it’s gonna be a cash machine but soon realise it won’t be but they still have to pay those bills at the end of the month.

It can all come together for a whole lot of trouble for people.

Wouldn’t it all be much better if we embraced the hard work part so we can feel like we deserve the champagne part and truly enjoy it?

Think Big And Kick Ass



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