what Tricia said about me on Facebook


I’ve been doing Dutchy’s fitness workouts now the past few weeks. I was doing random workouts online and wasn’t being consistent.

Now I’ve signed up to these workouts i know what I’m doing each day in advance as it’s posted the night before. The workout has a complete class feel – beginning, middle and end.

Warm up and stretch at the beginning and end which I found helpful as I was going straight into work when doing other workouts online.

I have found the online content very helpful. There is no rubbish – it’s the facts and explained very clearly by Lorraine. I’d give it 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend.


Ok, so it wasn’t really me she was talking about and more so Lorraine as she is a member of the newly formed “Lols Fan Club” over on Instagram.

But seeing as we are a team I’ll take this one as well…..

any excuse.

In all seriousness though it’s solid feedback and we try to make a point to not have any rubbish in our content.

Of course some people would disagree with this

And even think I talk nonsense in the these emails


I know, I know

Can you imagine???

But agree or disagree with our information we always try to make sure that they cover 1 essential point

That people can take it there and then

and apply it.

In some form they can use that info straight away to improve their motivation, their thinking, how they train or to improve their diet.

Just like I hope you can use this email to get pumped for the day ahead and get your workout in.

Wherever it may be or whoever it may be with.

As long as it gets you going in the right direction.

But remember that while we may be opening on June 8th we will be keeping the online going in some capacity

Probably 3 workouts a week instead of 6 and you will still have unlimited access to the library of over 50 workouts we now have on the group

So if you want to going with that just reply to this email with “I’m In” and I’ll get you all the details.

Think Big And Kick Ass



Don’t forget we are opening for outdoor group training on Monday the 8th of June with the same timetable as before.

We are hoping to get everyone set up on the app, use to it and have our little COVID 19 health questionnaire filled out well before that.

So if you are a member who wants to get back up and running then or intend on becoming a member then make a start and reply to this email

and we will get you the details about the app and the form.