The James Smith story you we’re never told

Last November I was in Newcastle at an event and the main dude is good friends with James Smith and has helped him out with his business

This guy also spoke at the Big IFS event in Barcelona last August that all the cool kids we’re speaking at

I was half tempted to attend but then the thought of all those Insta hoe wannabes in the one area could just be overkill for a simple country bumpkin like myself

But what was interesting was that he said the organisers of that event actually LOST money on it

Which in one way is surprising when you see such a big event with so much hype, big names and excitement to it

and in another way not that surprising at all

When all those big names get paid and all the costs get covered

There are many interesting stories like that doing the round’s of people in the Fitness game doing plenty of talking

maybe even having a big following

but being stone broke and having to resort to nonsense stuff to pay the bills like flogging dodgy diets

In fairness to James Smith, whatever little bit I have followed of him he seems to be open and honest about any of this stuff

and he clearly is doing pretty well for himself

But it’s just a clear indication of the Modern world and how people’s Social Media just shows the Highlight Reel of people’s lives

and how we can make very false assumptions without knowing the full story

^^^^ Jumping to judgement good or bad

and so it is in the fitness game itself

Comparing ourselves to other’s and their “Highlight reel” of a few good lifts or photo shoot’s

When they have nothing to do with our own situations and goals

And so we get put off track and put ourselves down

Which is why it’s great to write things down and know what our own goals are and be able to stay focused on the road ahead

Just my 2 cents to do what you want with,

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