Treats for Treats sake

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So last week I had a member mention to me about the quality of the Foods in creches

Think this was even before the RTE show which I didn’t see but heard all about

This member is getting SUPER pissed at the amount of pure rubbish foods being served with lots of little “treats” and of course it’s someones birthday every other day so there’s cake then as well

I’m not really sure what any parent can do about it but it is bloody irritating and lazy from people who don’t really care and see everything as a treat

Treats do my head in and are just excuse for laziness

Anyone, no matter what age, should only treat themselves when they have done something to earn it.

The same way people treat themselves to holidays and get aways without doing anything to really earn it

If you hit your Protein requirements in a day and have some calories to spare then enjoy some biscuits or crisps or whatever tickles your fancy

If you have set yourself a goal at work and nailed it then book something fun and enjoyable

If you have drank your 3-4 litres of water then enjoy a Diet Coke or Pepsi Max

But stop with the treats for treats sake

If you are reading this then I’m preaching to the choir really and I don’t know how to solve the creche problem other than just keeping things right at home as best you can

and probably work off the assumption that your child has already had “treats” at school so you can decide what they are allowed at home then.

A business guy I follow does say tongue in cheek about how people go on about not working on a Sunday because it’s the lords day:

“God created heaven and earth and everything in it in 6 days, so he deserved a day off. What the hell have you done all week?” <<<<<<<<<<<

Now it doesn’t matter if you are religious or not but if you have any sort of goals you want to achieve then Sunday is a great day to get ahead

No one loves a lazy Sunday watching Footie all day more than myself (much to Lorraines annoyance) but if you view it as a treat so you eat whatever you want (even though it doesn’t come into your weekly calories) then you will be left wondering why you arn’t making any progress

In the same way that if you plan to get ahead in your career/ business there’s no reason you can’t take an hour on a Sunday morning to get back to messages or study something that will bring you on

This may change of course if you have a young family but your food choices can always stay good, you more than likely can plan some activity at some time of the day and we can always squeeze some productive time in somewhere

Ideally get your exercise and work in as early as possible and then enjoy the day after that

^^^^^ That’s how I like to start my Sundays anyway before doing something with Lorraine or panning out on the couch watching the Footie


the overall point is that “Treats” really grinds my gears

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