2 Types of People in This Dundalk Personal Training Gym

Before and after testimonial

Over the years I have noticed 2 types of people in the fitness game

Person A does a workout and thinks

“O my god that was so tough, I’m so unfit and not fit for that no way am I going back”

Person B does the same workout and thinks

“O my god, that was so tough, I’m so unfit and NEED to keep going back to this to get myself sorted”

^^^^^^^ See the difference there

It really is true that Perception is everything and it all depends on how we view things and what we REALLY want to achieve

Person A will always be stuck in that same place as they can’t work hard enough to go through the initial learning curve barriers that come with starting anything new

While we all have good days and bad days it’s always important to be like person B and see where you can get better and be more productive in all we do

Which is why it’s always great to receive emails like this from new members:

Hi There,

I can’t believe I’m into week 3 already! I’m really enjoying the classes. After the very first class my legs were very stiff as obviously I’m using muscles that I didn’t even know I had and haven’t been used in a very long time! I find the stretches and exercises before and after the workouts help with this and I can feel my body getting more used to the different exercises.

I know as I attend more classes and become more confident I will be able to lift heavier weights and I see this as an ongoing process that I’m going to stick to as opposed to a quick fix. I love the feeling I get when I leave a workout….. pure exhaustion but it’s a great feeling both mentally and physically.

At this stage now I have been to classes run by Darren, Sharon and Chris and I find all three trainers brilliant! I love the fact that you never know what’s ahead and each workout is different. I’m so glad I made the decision to try this as I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Many Thanks

Losing weight and looking like a sexy mo fo from your training is great

But it’s only half the story and not even the motivation for so many people, unfortunately the story about feeling great and headspace being so much better just isn’t as sexy

Be sure to note,

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Think Big And Kick Ass


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