Gym in Dundalk reveals #1 Secret

Boxing at Cavan Gym

It can be very daunting to start up a training program and a Nutrition program all at the one time 

You are basically talking about a complete lifestyle change happening on one single Monday

And it’s NEVER going to happen

^^^^^ Yep, NEVER

and that’s why people fail, as they put all this pressure on themselves to succeed and make so many changes that it’s simply impossible to keep up with them all

As I have read in articles before,

the #1 “secret” to success is to realise there is NO secret, it’s about small simple steps done consistently over time

So when taking on new things it’s best to nail one piece of the puzzle first before moving onto the next one, like this new member understands:

Hi Darragh

Thank you for supportive email. 

I am really enjoying  the classes  and making small changes at present to my diet. So, I think my progress  will be slow as I just wanted to get back into getting  fit and having structure. I am going on a short break next week, so will miss out on classes, but I will endeavour to make good choices. I really like the program  and definitely  will continue.  I don’t  expect to see huge changes , but definitely  increasing my fitness levels  is my aim at present. 


Someone with this sort of mentality has a much greater chance of success as they are playing the LONG game whereas someone looking to make MASSIVE changes straight away will usually struggle

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Either way,

Always start the week right

Think Big And Kick Ass



Whenever you’re ready,

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