Exercise when Pregnant advice

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20 weeks PREGNANT ?????.

Pregnancy Training ?.

Iv been very lucky since becoming pregnant that I have experienced no sickness, so this has allowed me to continue training.

I have been cleared by my doctor and a women’s health physio to continue my training.

My workout schedule is pretty much the same as pre pregnancy. 4/5 weight sessions per week. The intensity of the workouts have been reduced, and the exercise selection has been modified.

Your abdominal muscles become weaker and weaker as the months go on particularly in the third trimester. So I am being extra cautious in not putting an extra pressure on that area. Doing core exercises can put extra pressure on your abdominal wall, which will can increase the tear in your stomach muscles, this is known as Diastasis recti. So, I have completed stopped doing any core work (planks, sit ups, crunches, leg raises, etc).

Although I feel like I could still do all the jumping exercises (squats jumps, jumping jacks, skipping, burpees ect). , as I have no sickness, I have stopped doing these also, as I am being proactive and trying to protect my pelvic floor muscles.

I have been focusing mainly leg, back and arm exercises while keeping my activity high and getting plenty of walking in.

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